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The Mill House Animal Sanctuary

A registered charity, based in Fulwood, Sheffield, which has rescued, cared for, and re-homed animals since 1948.

Come and visit us, the Mill House farm is open for walking our dogs 365 days a year from 10 until 3 p.m curfew. Please pop a donation in our bucket - every penny goes to our animals' care. 


Dog walking

Walking our dogs at our The Mill House farm is available for 365 days a year. We're open from 10 a.m. until a 3 p.m. curfew, and respectfully ask that you pop something in our donation bucket to help us continue our work. We rely solely on public donations and fees for re-homing dogs, cats, ponies, horses, and rabbits. Thank you. 

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Little did the 6 year-old Wright twins, Pat and Jane, realise when they rescued a pony called Daisy from the slaughter house in 1948, that their love of animals would evolve into

The Mill House Animal Sanctuary, which subsequently became a registered charity in 1982 and now rescues animals from all over the UK.

Come and visit us, the Mill House farm is open for visitors 365 days a year from 10 until 3 p.m




Once more we are in a situation where we have to appeal for help from the public.Our last appeal helped us short-term, but not, unfortunately, in the long term.We are getting to the stage where we seriously have to think about what to do in the future, which raises the possibility of having to sell our property at Thurlstone, where most of our horses are cared for.In 2016, we appealed for help rehoming some of our horses, which we did, some going to very good homes, some unfortunately having to come back to us. Our finances are, again, a very serious worry so we need to find homes for these lovely ponies, rather than the unthinkable.

Many of the animals who live with us at Thurlstone are only companions. They are mostly native ponies- Shetland, Welsh and Dartmoor.

To add to our challenges we have been inundated with calls to take on animals – cats and dogs, as well as pigs (which people take on as micro-pigs – which don’t exist!)Lovely young pigs grow up to be big pigs and are obviously not suitable to live in a house!Pigs are farmyard animals.

Our cats are all indoor ones, so would not be suitable for roaming outside.All are neutered.We recently homed some at the Cat Café in Sheffield where they are really happy in their new surroundings.They give visitors to the café a lot of pleasure – especially lonely people who can’t have a pet.

This Christmas will be a very sad time for us as many hard decisions will have to be made regarding our future – if we have one.My sister and I are 75 years old and we need help.A few hours a week will help with animal care.We only have three paid employees, who work 16 hours per week.

We don’t have a modern, up-to-date Sanctuary, but we love our animals and want to give them a better life.

Please help us to keep caring for our needy animals. We need donations of money primarily (our website has a PayPal donation button), but food and bedding will also help (we use the carpets for lining the floors of the dog kennels to keep the dogs’ feet warm).

Thank you for reading this.We do hope you can help us. Pat Hartley and Jane Wright.

We have light - hurray!

New electrics for the main stable block.

A huge "THANK YOU" to David of the Debs Foundation for donating the money to enable us to replace our stable block electricity. We have been working on battery power for some time unable to afford to re-wire. So not only have our horses, ponies, sheep, and goats got light when needed at last, our volunteers can brew-up in their ex-railway shed without traipsing in and out of the Mill House!



Thank You Shaun Kendall


Thank you Hallem equestrian

Good News - located horses doing well!

Loaned horses found after several years

We need bric-a-brac