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The Mill House Animal Sanctuary

A registered charity, based in Fulwood, Sheffield, which has rescued, cared for, and re-homed animals since 1948.

Come and visit us, the Mill House farm is open for visitors and dog walking 365 days a year from 10 until 3 p.m curfew. Please pop a donation in our bucket - every penny goes to our animals' care. 


Dog walking

Dog walking at our The Mill House farm is available for 365 days a year. We're open from 10 a.m. until a 3 p.m. curfew, and respectfully ask that you pop something in our donation bucket to help us continue our work. We rely solely on public donations and fees for re-homing dogs, cats, ponies, horses, and rabbits. Thank you.


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Little did the 6 year-old Wright twins, Pat and Jane, realise when they rescued a pony called Daisy from the slaughter house in 1948, that their love of animals would evolve into

The Mill House Animal Sanctuary, which subsequently became a registered charity in 1982 and now rescues animals from all over the UK.

Come and visit us, the Mill House farm is open for visitors 365 days a year from 10 until 3 p.m


R.I.P. Tigga

R.I.P. Tigga (our farm cat) who died on Thursday 16th February. Needless to say we're all distraught - especially Jane who's cared for her all these years.


Here's Bruno looking guilty after running away from his foster home. He needs a loving family who won't abandon him. In return they will get a non-aggressive, funny, playful, loving, obedient (mostly!), energetic, and intelligent companion. See our re-homing page for more details.

A Mill House early morning

Typical Mill House Morning

Here's Summer on walk-about in the yard whilst her stable is mucked-out.


Bruno update 19th February

Bruno originally from Greece

Uni' thanks

Uni's Bio' Science Dept' donate

Equi-Flora thanks

"Thank you" to Equi-Flora

A touching poem

An adoption poem to touch your soul

Pets at home

Pets to stay with loved ones.