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Our Charity

Mill House Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity.

Charity number: 512905

Our Animals

Mill House has taken in all types of animals including dogs, cats, chickens, cows, ducks, pigeons, pigs (the list goes on). However, our main concern has always been equines.

Over the years we have taken animals from all over the country - from the south coast to the Orkneys.

We re-home where ever possible, and finding the right home is our priority.

On average we have over 200 animals under our care, so I'm sure you can understand how much your help is neccessary for Mill House to proceed.

Our History

Our first rescue occurred back in 1948 when the family saved a little pony called Dolly from a slaughter house.

Twins, Pat and Jane were just 6 years of age at the time Dolly was rescued and that was the beginning of their lifelong dedication to help 'Animals in need'.

For many years the sanctuary was funded by the family, but in 1982 we became a registered charity and were able to seek outside help.