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September 2018 (return to main news)

September 2018 Newsletter

SEPTEMBER 2018 Newsletter - Pat Hartley 07980 992589

It seems a long time since my last Newsletter and a long time since the ‘Beast from the East’ hit us. Here at Thorne Royd we had to tunnel our way out on the first really bad day. Feeding the animals was a long process and my husband had to dig us out with tractors – there was no other way. However, all the animals weathered it well as we had an idea that it would hit us hard, which it did.

The day after the heavy snowfall we had a call from a man who had found a lamb somewhere on the Lincolnshire Wolds which was almost dead. It was with two others which were already dead. He brought the lamb to us and in a very short time the lamb had taken over the house and was feeding well. We kept him in the house for a few weeks. He wore nappies, so I didn’t have any mess. He is now quite big and very friendly with everything and everyone, including two goats who live outside and he has now joined them. His name is "Cushy".

We have just finished making our winter hay and haylage and it has been a busier time than usual, getting up at 5 a.m. and finishing at dark. I’m hoping we have enough to see us through the winter as it will be very expensive to buy in fodder after a really dry summer.

We have recently had people ringing to see if we are closing down. The answer is definitely ‘NO!’ for as long as we have breath in our bodies. Whenever we can we will care for the animals and hopefully the younger trustees will carry on the work we started in 1948 as children, then as a registered charity from 1982. Yes, the last four years have been a struggle, but we have managed and, with support from my husband Robert, who – as I have said – works tirelessly keeping our few ancient vehicles running and doing our farm work. Mill House is not a show place; all our money goes into feeding and caring for the animals. We have only three paid part-time workers; the rest are volunteers, whose help we really appreciate. Sue Hedges, one of our Trustees, is now back fund-raising after a long spell of illness earlier thisyear.Good to have you back, Sue.

We are very grateful for donations of animal feed, as well as dog and cat food. We are also grateful for horse, goat, sheep and pig food - we still have a lot of pigs and, by the way, please don’t buy Micro Pigs as pets; they don’t stay small for long!

Our thanks to all who have supported us through some very trying and worrying times. As I write this we are especially trying to raise funds to treat one of our young horses called "Iola" who has a cancer on his eye. This has been treated before, but now needs more treatment. This is not cheap of course alongside all our other day-to-day financial commitments, but the alternative is to put to sleep and, at four years old, I will move heaven and earth to avoid that. Please help me to help "Iolo".

We are hopefully holding a yard sale at the Mill House as the weather allows to try to raise enough money to repair, or should I say rebuild, one of our stables which we desperately need, but can’t afford to get a builder in. It will probably be my husband Robert who does the job in the end and, along with treatment for Iolo, we have to raise quite a lot of money. Please help us. It is difficult caring for the animals and raising funds – we would not exist without your help.

We are at present inundated with people needing to rehome their cats and dogs as they are moving into rented accommodation and cannot keep their pets. I am truly sorry, but we have no more room at present.

Thank you for reading our Newsletter. PLEASE HELP US, and our thanks to all those of you who already do.

Pat Hartley.