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Terms and conditions of the fee for loaning horses

Prices range from £50.00 to £300.00 pending on the type of horse or pony.
Additional charges may apply for transport if arranged by The Mill House Sanctuary.

Insurance and Veterinary Requirements

The "Loaner" must ensure that a minimum of third part liability insurance is taken out against the horse or pony. The "Loaner" must also ensure that the horse or pony receives adequate veterinary treatment when needed.  Copy of the insurance may be required prior to the horse or pony being taken.

Stabling and Grazing

We require all horses and ponies to have adequate stabling and grazing  (unless otherwise agreed, pending condition of animal). 

Home visits will be made prior to horse or pony released and after rehoming we have the right to call unannouced to ensure the well-being of the horse or pony and, if we feel the "Loaner" is not looking after the animal correctly, we have the right to remove the horse or pony immediately without notice. 

If the "Loaner's" circumstances should change we require 30 days notice to arrange the return.

Location of the Horse or Pony

We must know at all times the location of the horse or pony and, if at any time you need to relocate, you must  inform The Mill House Sanctuary immediately about these changes.

If you are planning to relocate to another town, county, or country, the The Mill House Sanctuary must give you authorisation prior to the move.

Under NO circumstance is the "Loaner" allowed to rehome or loan out to a third party without the The Mill House Sanctuary's permission.

Terms and Conditions for Dogs, Cats, or Other Animals

Please contact the Mill house Animal Sanctuary for more information.